2016 – Eff You

To everyone who is reading this…pardon me if I sound like a pessimist. But 2016 has been a weird year so yeah – GOOD RIDDANCE.

Here’s why I feel it was a stupid year.

  1. I personally had bad health and I had to take a forced leave from work to recuperate. Now I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of wanting to go back and a fear of being super stressed. I guess I need to find a balance.
  2. Being a human being…and a bit of an emphatic one (it is true), I worry about the world around us. So yes…Brexit and Trump. What do I say…good or bad…time will tell. While my generation (yes, the dreaded Millenials) are soooo sad about it – perhaps we could have VOTED against such stuff. Now, let’s live with the consequences of our actions and hope things don’t go too out of control.
  3. Syria. I need not say more.
  4. Refugees being denied refuge. Well. I guess I can understand why. Islam is supposed to be the only religion these days which propagates violence but let us remember…that our refusal to help those in need and to turn a blind eye to everyone will bite us on the ass someday.
  5. The UN is a bogus organization. Seriously. I guess the little bit of social work they do has merit but when it comes to influencing the world and in particular the security council – it is a rubbish organization which is controlled by a few countries. What bullshit!
  6. Terrorist attacks around the world. Kidnappings. School shootings. In India, we saw an escalation of hostility at the Border with our neighbor trying to antagonize us so we had to resort to some surgery. (Pun intended) But seriously – if any Pakistani people are reading this…we do not have anything against you. Just…concentrate on your country and making it great instead of running us down and stop voting for misogynistic, religious fanatics for starters.
  7. World Health hits a new low with the Zika virus and an unprecedented attack of Chickengunya and Dengue in India. Also – should i mention the smog in India/China? Let us applaud us for all the harm we are causing the planet and at this very moment…US ships maybe exploring the Arctic/Antarctic region for oil (certain regions are supposed to be off limits but the world doesn’t care – let the ice melt, let all of us suffer!!)

Gosh! This is making me pissed off so I will stop. I guess I could have written a bit more and rounded off to 10 points but I think this is enough of a rant at 2:49 AM. And yes, I could write about all of the good things that happened as well but NO. I won’t. This is not one of those posts!

I hope 2017 is a better year. I hope the world awakens and realizes where we are headed to. I know this is not a post about dating. But sometimes I have to write about stuff which matters to me – and which should matter to all of you as well.

We are all humans first and we need to stand together.

Over and out. Happy New Year guys.


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